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Meridian Restoration Inc. ImagesA lot of roofs fail before their intended lifespan for a variety of reasons but a couple of the most prominent reasons are from a bad installation and lack of upkeep. Even the highest-quality roofing materials can fail prematurely when they are installed poorly, which is why it is critical to choose a premier Wheaton roofing contractor to ensure that you get a flawless install that is backed by a meaningful workmanship warranty.

At the end of the day, a faulty roof installation will end up causing more problems for a homeowner!!!

Your roof is the primary defense for you home from the harsh Illinois weather. Unfortunately, there is a fair share of second rate roofing contractors these days, but there are still top-rated local roofers in the area such as Meridian Restoration Inc.; but don't just take our word for it. You should always do some research for yourself about the roofing and exteriors company you are going to hire to work on your home.

For starters, your best bet is to always hire locally. A well-established local roofing contractor in Wheaton has a better understanding of how the weather in your geographic location affects your roof and will be able to give you expert advice on which roofing materials will perform the best for your home. Hiring a local roofing company also gives you an opportunity to see some of their work and possibly even speak with some of their previous customers. It could even be one of your neighbors!

Next, do some online research about the company including reviews, BBB rating, and confirm that the company is licensed and insured in the state of Illinois. This is a very important step to complete before you ever sign a contract. A reputable contractor will be quick to provide this information for you to confirm that they are the safest choice.

Lastly, only select a local roofinf contractor in Oswego that is certified by a TOP roofing materials company. We have been awarded the Master Elite certification by GAF Materials Corporation which only the top 2% of roofing contractors in the nation qualify for due to GAF's rigorous demands. GAF's innovative shingles are a perfect choice to withstand the intense weather we get in the midwest. Furthermore, as a factory certified installer, the roofs we install are eligible for special warranties backed by GAFs financial status as North America's oldest and largest roofing manufacturer.


Meridian Restoration Inc. is the best and safest choice for all of your residential roofing, siding installation, and replacement window needs. With over 4 years of industry experience and a dedicated roofing and exteriors team of specialists, we are the experts your home needs to make it stronger, safer, and give it the best curb appeal on the block!

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