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Is Your Roof Storm Ready? A Local Glen Ellyn Roofer Will Make Sure It Is!

Chances are, your roof took a beating during Illinois storm season last year. If you did not have it serviced by a Glen Ellyn roofing contractorlastfall, then the end of the winter season is a great time to start thinking about the current state status of your roof. To ensure that your home is ready for the spring and summer storms right NOW is the time to make any necessary repairs or a complete replacement if that is what is necessary.

Here Are Some Tips From Your Local Roofer in Glen Ellyn That Will Help You Get The Most Life Out Of Your Roof And Avoid Other Damages to Your Home!!!

Gutter Maintenance

Gutters serve to redirect moisture away from your home and foundation. A gutter system that is jammed up with debris can make the moisture splash back onto your roof, pool up, and even overflow into your basement. Gutters that are weighted down with wet debris or an ice dam during the winter can completely rip away from the fascia board, letting water puddle up along the edge of the home. If there is a basement then water could easily leak in through windows or and cause flooding. Gutters that pull away from your home may also cause problems for your Glen Ellyn roofing, including leaks.

Roof Maintenance

On a nice day take a look for any missing, buckled or warped shingles. Also, watch for streaks of green or black stains that suggest mold or algae. Providing the amount of damage and how old the roof is, your GAF Factory-Certified Glen Ellyn roof repair and replacement pro will have the best solution for your home. One of the best things you can do to endure the safety of your home is to have your roof inspected by a local professional twice a year.

Watch Your Ceiling

If there are water stains on the ceiling or walls inside of your home, there is a good possibility that you have a leak in your roof somewhere. Water in both the ceiling and walls can cause mold growth in your home, which is a serious health concern. Your best course of action is to nip any gutter, roof, or ceiling issues in the bud now with a Glen Ellyn roofer before the next Illinois rain and storm season strikes.


Contact us today to schedule an inspection and estimate with our team of experts for roofing Glen Ellyn. When the spring and summer storms arrive you will be so glad that you did.

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March 3, 2020
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